Fighting Theft Charges in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

The criminal defense lawyers of Goldstein Mehta LLC have successfully defended countless theft cases. If you or a loved one are facing theft charges, call us at 267-225-2545 for a free criminal defense strategy session. We know that that theft charges can be extremely serious. The more violent types of theft crimes, such as Robbery and Burglary, often carry the possibility or even likelihood of significant incarceration. This is especially true when a weapon is used. However, even less serious misdemeanor theft charges can be extremely damaging to a defendant's ability to maintain or obtain employment because employers are often reluctant to hire someone who has been convicted of stealing. It is critical that anyone charged with a theft crime obtain the advice of experience defense counsel who can plan a defense and explain all of the options. Our Philadelphia Theft Crime Defense Attorneys have represented clients charged with the following types of offenses and many others: 

An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to evaluate your case and recognize potential defenses to a theft charge. For example, Pennsylvania courts have consistently held that the mere possession of stolen property is insufficient to show that the defendant knew the property was stolen or was in fact the person who stole it. Police and prosecutors will often arrest someone who is found with the proceeds of a burglary or a robbery and charge that person with the actual burglary or robbery in addition to Receiving Stolen Property. However, if the prosecutor's only evidence is that the defendant merely possessed someone else's property, it may be possible to convince the Judge or Jury that there is reasonable doubt or have the case dismissed at a pre-trial hearing. Even the charge of Receiving Stolen Property requires evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knew the property was stolen. 

 Philadelphia Theft Lawyers

Philadelphia Theft Lawyers

If you or a loved one are charged with a theft crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to begin planning your defense immediately. It is possible that you could be facing significant penalties, and a great criminal defense attorney could make all the difference. Our top-rated Philadelphia theft crime defense and trial lawyers have extensive experience with these types of charges, we know the defenses, how to try the cases, and how to negotiate with the prosecutor. We have a proven track record of obtaining excellent outcomes for our clients. Contact us at 267-225-2545 now for a complimentary 15-minute criminal defense strategy session with an award-winning Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer and to begin planning your defense. 


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