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Violent crimes are taken extremely seriously by the Pennsylvania and New Jersey criminal justice systems. Our homicide and violent crime attorneys have obtained successful results in cases involving charges including homicide and Aggravated Assault. The defense of a case involving accusations of violence begins with an immediate investigation into the allegations and the potential for locating defense witnesses and other helpful evidence. If you are facing charges involving a violent crime, call 267-225-2545 for a free criminal defense strategy session.

In Pennsylvania, many violent crimes and crimes committed while in possession of a firearm traditionally carried steep mandatory minimums. Recently, many of the mandatory minimums were eliminated by a decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. However, violent crimes are still taken very seriously, and some, such as murder and certain "strike" offenses, still require significant mandatory minimums. For example, a defendant found guilty of First Degree Murder must be sentenced to Life Without Parole. Likewise, defendants with prior convictions for certain crimes of violence such as Aggravated Assault, Robbery, and certain types of Burglary, may face a second strike mandatory minimum of ten to twenty years or a third strike mandatory minimum of twenty five years to fifty years in prison. Even when there is no mandatory minimum, a defendant convicted of a violent crime may face a significant sentence of incarceration under the sentencing guidelines, and firearms offenses are taken particularly seriously even when the gun was not used during the commission of the offense. The sentencing guidelines also increase when a deadly weapon such as a gun or knife is possessed or used during the commission of an offense. There are two special sentencing guideline matrices which may apply depending on whether a deadly weapon was used or whether it was possessed.  

Given the possibility of serious penalties for these types of charges, it is critical that you obtain the advice of a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney when faced with the prospect of criminal charges. Our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of charges in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Our award-winning criminal lawyers have experience with the following types of cases and more: 

If you or a loved one are charged with a violent crime or gun charge, you need an experienced criminal attorney to begin planning your defense immediately. Our top-rated, award-winning defense attorneys have successfully tried self-defense cases, won reduced charges and sentences at trial and in negotiations with the prosecutor, and won acquittals in robbery and burglary cases where the police or prosecutor charged the wrong person due to questionable evidence and suspect identifications. A great criminal defense attorney could make all the difference in your case. Contact us at 267-225-2545 now for a complimentary 15-minute criminal defense strategy session.  


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Our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyers offer a 15-minute, complimentary criminal defense strategy session. We know that picking up the phone and calling an attorney can be intimidating, so in this video, I explain what you can expect when you call us. Call 267-225-2545 to speak with one of our criminal defense lawyers.