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If you are facing allegations relating to a sex offense, you need the help of one of our experienced Philadelphia sex crimes lawyers immediately. Call us at 267-225-2545 to discuss your case and how we can help. Sex crimes may be investigated by the local police, county detectives, state troopers, and federal agents from various departments. Regardless of which law enforcement organization is involved, the criminal defense lawyers of Goldstein Mehta LLC are ready to fight for your rights and defend your innocence in even the most serious and potentially stigmatizing cases. We will do everything in our power to clear your name and keep you off of the Megan's Law Registry.  


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Short of murder, there are probably no charges with greater potential consequences and more of a social stigma than sex offenses. Even many misdemeanor sex offense convictions carry with them the likelihood of mandatory Megan's Law registration for periods of 15 years or more. Our experienced criminal lawyers have the knowledge and skills necessary to defend against both state and federal sex charges. We offer a free 15-minute criminal defense strategy session to anyone who is facing allegations that they committed a sex crime or any other type of offense. We represent clients charged with all types of sex crimes in state and federal court, including: 

It is extremely important to remember that you should speak with one of our criminal defense lawyers before agreeing to give a statement to a law enforcement officer. We can evaluate the allegations and circumstances and provide advice on whether it makes sense to give a statement or consider taking a polygraph test. Incriminating statements may be used against you in court, and you are better off consulting with an attorney before trying to talk your way out of it. This is true even if you have not done anything wrong. Once an incriminating statement has been made, it will be much more difficult to have the statement excluded from evidence or defend against the charges at trial. Of course, in some cases, we have been able to successfully have statements suppressed. Nonetheless, you should always speak with one of our criminal attorneys first. Click here to learn more about what to do if the police want to ask you some questions.    

Common Defenses in Sex Cases

Despite the seriousness of Megan's Law charges, there are often defenses which could help you in court. Potential defenses include:

  • Motions to Suppress. In every case, the prosecution must show that the police and other investigators followed the law and the requirements of the Constitution. If the police conducted an illegal search, failed to obtain a warrant when so required, or obtained a coerced or un-mirandized confession, we may be able to have damaging evidence suppressed so that it cannot be used at trial.

  • Motions in Limine. Sex cases often involve litigating important pre-trial motions dealing with the admissibility of crucial evidence. For example, in rape cases, Pennsylvania law generally prohibits the defense from inquiring into the sexual history of a complainant on cross-examination. However, if the defense can show that there is something about the complainant's sexual history which would give the complainant a bias against the defendant or a reason to fabricate the allegations, then it may be possible to expand the scope of cross-examination. This type of Motion in Limine is called a Rape Shield Motion, and it can be an extremely important issue in a rape case. Our defense attorneys are well-versed on the law and the types of pre-trial motions which could affect the outcome of your case and lead to a successful result.

  • Trial By Jury. In every case, no matter what the charges, the prosecution must prove each element of each offense beyond a reasonable doubt to a 12-member jury of your peers. Our defense lawyers have taken countless cases to trial before judges and juries and won. We stand ready to thoroughly investigate the allegations against you, attempt to locate exculpatory evidence and witnesses, and tirelessly fight for you.

We know how sensitive these subjects are and how uncomfortable it can be to discuss these types of charges with a stranger. Therefore, we offer a free, completely confidential consultation to anyone who is charged with or potentially facing charges related to sex crimes. Call 267-225-2545 for a complimentary 15-minute criminal defense strategy session with a Philadelphia sex crimes attorney who has dealt with these issues before, will keep your consultation completely private, and will provide sound legal advice without judgment.  

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