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We offer a complimentary 15-minute criminal defense strategy session to each potential client.

Our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyers offer a 15-minute, complimentary criminal defense strategy session. We know that picking up the phone and calling an attorney can be intimidating, so in this video, I explain what you can expect when you call us.

A criminal defense strategy session includes:

  • One of our experienced criminal defense attorneys will speak with you by phone or in-person about the details of your case and the charges you may be facing. 
  • We will discuss the laws and legal issues surrounding your case and the potential consequences of the charges.
  • We will give you an idea of the possible outcomes, defenses to the charges, and the likelihood of what may happen. 

The criminal defense strategy session costs you nothing. In the next 15 minutes, you can start to get the answers that you are looking for, plan for your defenses, and start feeling a sense of control and confidence about how to handle your case.

Call us at 267-225-2545 or fill out the below contact form to have your complimentary criminal defense strategy session now. 

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