Recent Case Results

Recent Case Results

The Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers of Goldstein Mehta LLC have had several recent successes in the courtroom. These outcomes have included acquittals, successful motions to suppress, and the dismissal of charges before trial. Recent case results include: 

Commonwealth v. K. F. – Motion to Suppress granted.

The defendant was arrested and charged with drug charges including Possession with the Intent to Deliver, Conspiracy, and Simple Possession based on a narcotics officer’s allegation that the defendant engaged in four drug transactions. Prosecutors alleged that when arrested, the defendant possessed three bundles of crack cocaine and hundreds of dollars. Attorney Goldstein moved to suppress the drugs and money and argued that the police had not seen the defendant engaged in drug sales. Instead, police had arrested and searched him without probable cause immediately after he exited his house. Despite the officer’s testimony that he personally observed the defendant engage in the four drug sales, Attorney Goldstein successfully cross examined the officer on his credibility and introduced alibi testimony that showed the defendant could not have engaged in narcotics transactions. Immediately following the testimony, the trial judge granted the motion to suppress and threw out the crack cocaine and United States currency.  

Commonwealth v. J. B. – Not Guilty Attempted Murder and Burglary.

The defendant was charged with Attempted Murder for allegedly storming into the complainant’s house and shooting him in front of a number of witnesses. After numerous pre-trial motions and a week-long jury trial, Attorney Mehta successfully obtained an acquittal on the most serious charges of Attempted Murder and Burglary for J. B. despite the testimony that the defendant had intentionally shot the complainant. The defendant was convicted only of lesser charges and faces substantially less time at sentencing.

Commonwealth v. C. P. – Possession with the Intent to Deliver charges dismissed prior to trial in the Philadelphia Municipal Court.

Commonwealth v. B. L. – Successful negotiation for misdemeanor probationary sentence for defendant charged with felony.

B.L was charged with felony Possession with the Intent to Deliver of crack cocaine. When the prosecution realized that Attorney Goldstein was fully prepared to take the case to trial, the prosecution dropped the felony delivery charge, and Attorney Goldstein negotiated a probationary sentence on a misdemeanor simple possession charge for B. L.  

Commonwealth v. E. H. – Gun, conspiracy, and heroin distribution charges were dismissed at the preliminary hearing following Attorney Goldstein’s cross examination of the arresting officer.

Commonwealth v. D.S. – Simple possession charges dismissed prior to trial.

Our attorneys also obtained substantial bail reductions for many other clients who will now be able to fight their cases from home instead of custody. Of course, every case is different, and past successful results should not be read as a guarantee of similar results in other cases. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact the Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers of Goldstein Mehta LLC at 267-225-2545 for a free case evaluation.